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Use of Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources at Bethesda Hospital | Bethesda Gyermekkórház

The project is connected to the first enhanced area: environmental protection, more specifically the use of renewable energy sources.

The project is organised and implemented by the Foundation of Bethesda Hospital. The objective is the development of a system comprising sun collector, gas engine and heat pump, which produces energy for the buildings of the hospital. The energy is used for operating the system for heating and cooling, which provides heating of the buildings and cooling them in the summertime. Besides that the system shall be capable of providing domestic hot water for the buildings as well.


By developing the system the objectives shall be as follows:

  • energy optimisation
    • replacement of the highest possible proportion of energy for serving comfort
    • demands with renewable energy sources
    • reduction of peak demands by storage of energy
    • fulfilment of increasing cooling demands with natural energy sources
    • use of cheaper energy
    • selection of solutions that shall have long term recover economic yield
  • increase of the comfort of the hospital


All these shall be supplemented by the completion of the renovation of the buildings, the replacement of the existing but worn-out doors and windows with better and more up-to-date doors and windows with better heat insulation features.As a whole it can be ascertained that by means of the development of the system, conventional energy saving as well as cost reduction are expected together with the increase of the comfort level of the hospital; the condition of the patients and the working conditions of the employees are expected to improve.

Elements of the project:

  • 60m2 vacuum tube solar collector
  • 1 solar parabola
  • 12 air-water absorption heat pump
  • 15-20 kW capacity gas engine
  • installation surface heating and cooling system
  • controlling system
  • replacement of old and run-down windows
  • publicity
  • management

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